1337 Use Cases for ChatGPT & other Chatbots in the AI-Driven Era

Florin Badita
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 "1337 Use Cases for ChatGPT & other Chatbots in the AI-Driven Era" is a book written by Florin Badita that explores the potential uses of advanced large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT in various industries and scenarios.

The book provides 1337 use cases and around 4000 examples of how these technologies can be applied in the future. See the list of all categories below.

The author, Florin Badita, is a data scientist, social entrepreneur, activist, and artist who has written about his experiences with data analysis on Medium. He is on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, a TedX speaker, and Landecker Democracy Fellow 2021-2022.

He is known for his work in activism, founding the civic group Corruption Kills in 2015, GIS, data analysis, and data mining.

The book covers a variety of tips and strategies, including how to avoid errors when converting between different units, how to provide context and examples to improve the LLM's understanding of the content, and how to use the Markdown language to format and style text in chatbot responses.

The book is intended for anyone interested in learning more about the capabilities and potential uses of ChatGPT and other language models in the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence.

After the introduction part and the Table of content, the book is split into 20 categories, each category then being split into smaller categories with at least one use-case and multiple examples

A real example from the book:


4 Science and technology



4.60 Robotics

4.60.1 Text Generation

General example text prompt: "Generate a description of a new robot design"

Formula: "Generate [description] of [robot design]"

Specific examples of prompts:

"Generate a detailed description of a robot designed for underwater exploration"

"Generate a brief overview of a robot designed for assisting with construction tasks"

"Generate a marketing pitch for a robot designed to assist with household chores"

4.60.2 Programming Assistance

General example text prompt: "Write code to implement a specific behavior in a robot"

Formula: "Write code to [implement behavior] in [robot]"

Specific examples of prompts:

"Write code to make a robot follow a specific path using sensors and control algorithms"

"Write code to make a robot respond to voice commands using natural language processing"

"Write code to make a robot perform basic tasks in a manufacturing setting, such as moving objects from one location to another"

You can find the Table of Content spanning 47 pages here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gEJtqC9TpF0H9cf_Doo58qZvlw2WbXR0qOmiXEM2K18/edit?usp=sharing


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1337 use cases and around 4000 examples of how ChatGPT and similar technologies can be applied in the present and future.

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1337 Use Cases for ChatGPT & other Chatbots in the AI-Driven Era

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